What Tile Is This?

Curious what's really on your roof? Is it Clay or Concrete, Marley or Unicrete? Could it be slate and if so what color or size is it?  There are 100's if not 1000's of tiles which have been produced and imported into North America in the past century and we can help identify what's really on your roof.


Are you an insurance adjuster or agent with a project and your need to identify the material on the roof?  We can help!  We've been working with insurance companies for over two decades to help keep clients happy while minimizing the cost to the insurance company.


Homeowners does your roof needs some help?  Was your roof damaged in a wind or hail storm?  We can help! We can identify the tile on your roof and help you get in contact with a qualified roofer to do the repair.


Have you taken on a project and need to match an existing material for addition or renovation.  We can help!

Step 1

The fastest way to help you identify the product in question is with a picture.

Take a picture of the front and the back and email it to sales@tileroofscanada.com

Step 2

I don't have a piece of the tile?

Take a picture of your roof from a few different locations around your house and email it to sales@tileroofscanada.com

sTEP 3

Can't get a good picture of your roof? 


Email your address to sales@tileroofscanada.com and we can try to use Google Earth and Streetview to identify the material.

Step 4

Once we've got your email we will reply to it and let you know that it's arrived. It should take us only a day to get back to you with an answer.

Our History

Tile Roofs Canada has been supplying reclaimed and hard to find material to clients around North America for over 20 years.  We've worked with homeowners, builders and roofers. We understand that time is home and repairs need to be completed as quickly as possible  so we can offer overnight freight and air cargo services if needed.

Insurance Repairs

Having worked with AIG, Chubb, Lloyd's, TD, Aviva, State Farm, Berkshire Hathaway, Liberty Mutual and Allstate we're experienced with solutions which keep both the client and the insurance company happy.  Damage from sever weather including hail, wind or fire are all things we've experienced.

Should the material required be unavailable we work with multiple manufactures which can recreate individual pieces or entire roofs. This allows us to salvage areas of tile blending in our new "aged" tile with the existing.  This approach has saved insurance companies millions of dollars in unnecessary replacement. The idea of " replace the whole roof" is a situation which benefits neither the client or the insurance company.

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