400 Million years, it's been waiting for your project.

Natural Stone - Slate Roof

Generations of Architects, designers and homeowners have turned to slate to provide a long lasting and natural roof for their projects. 

We use slate picked from only the best quarries in North America and Spain.  All of our slate is the highest Grade "S1" and tested for harness and durability.

All sizes and thickness are available, as well as hard to find colors such a Red and Purple.

Worried about the weight of a slate roof? SlateTec is the answer.

Red Slate Roof
Gray Black Slate
SSQ slate Domiz
Black Slate SSQ Del Carmen
Semi Weathering Gray Green Slate
SSQ Black Slate School
SSQ Black Slate Roof
SSQ Black Slate Del Carmen
Black Slate SSQ Del Carmen
Black Slate SSQ
SSQ DOMIZ Black Slate
SSQ Black Slate Roof
Variegated Purple Slate
Black Slate with Snow Guards
Unfading Gray Green
Unfading Black
SW Strata Gray
Vermont Black
Semi weathering gray green
Semi Weathering Gray Black
Unfading Purple w green
Unfading Green with purple
Vermont Red
Purple Slate


Worried about the weight of a Slate Roof?

The SlateTec system uses real slate at standard exposures to end that worry once and for all.

Technical Details.

  • Installs on any roof (.25" Slate @ 600lbs per SQ.

  • No change in Slate Exposure.

  • Available in all colors and widths.

  • SlateTec installations are more weather proof than standard installations.

  • No special training or tools required.


Can you tell which of these two slate roofs is the SlateTec Roof?

With the SlateTec system only the owners will know.

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