Beautiful, long-lasting, and economical concrete roofing offer the perfect upgrade to any custom home: six style options and over 30 blends of color.


Concrete tiles have been used in Canada for 40+ Years. Marley, Unicrete, BC Tile and Lifetime are just a few which you find installed across the country.

WARRANTY: Offered with a Lifetime, fully transferable warranty.





A Classic High Barrel Profile.

The Capistrano concrete tile by Eagle is a high profile barrel tile that works naturally with Spanish Colonial, Mission, and Mediterranean style homes.  Capistrano's large barrel design offers the authentic Spanish "S" profile look of a clay roof tile at the affordable price concrete.    

Provided with a lifetime transferable warranty this southern inspired tile is strong enough for the worst of the Canadian climate.
Eagle Capistrano Concrete Canada 3645-su
Eagle Capistrano Concrete Canada 3687-br
Eagle Capistrano Concrete Canada el_mora
Eagle Capistrano Concrete Canada 5
Eagle Capistrano Concrete Canada 2
Eagle Capistrano Concrete Canada lakepor
Eagle Capistrano Concrete Canada
Eagle Capistrano  Canada
Eagle Capistrano Canada Lakeport Ble
Eagle Capistrano Concrete Canada 4
Eagle Capistrano Concrete Canada 1
Capistrano 3629 Floridian Blend 08
Capistrano 3629 Floridian Blend 01
Capistrano 3629 Floridian Blend 002
Capistrano 3629 Floridian Blend 006


Mediterranean meets Contemporary.

Malibu is a low barrel profile concrete tile by Eagle. With its traditional panne and "S" profile heritage it looks best on homes that exhibit elements of Spanish, Mediterranean and Italian architecture.

The Malibu is an excellent tile for a home that wants a Mediterranean flare with a more contemporary feel.
Eagle Malibu Floridan Canada
Eagle Malibu Concrete Canada
Eagle Malibu Floridian
Eagle Malibu Concrete Canada 2
Eagle Malibu Concrete Red Blend
Eagle Malibu Canada 3
Eagle Malibu Gray Canada
Eagle Malibu Canada 2
Eagle Malibu 2629 Floridian Blend 2
Eagle Malibu 2629-Floridian Blend

Bel Air

A Traditional Flat Interlocking Tile.

The BelAir concrete tile by Eagle is a  traditional flat profile tile with a smooth angular finish.  It's hard shadow, and clean lines are perfect with both the more contemporary or new modern style of home.
Eagle Bel Air Concrete 4602-concord_blen
Eagle Bel Air 4602-concord_blend
Eagle Bel Air Flat Tile
Eagle Ponderosa 5503 Sierra Madre  2
Eagle Ponderosa 5502 Arcadia  1
Golden Eagle 1687 Brown Gray Range 07
Golden Eagle 1687 Brown Gray Range  08
Eagle Roofing Golden Eagle 1687
Gray Brown Golden Eagle 1687
Eagle Gray Blend Roof
Eagle Bel Air 4687
Eagle Bel Air 4629
Eagle Bel Air 4602 Concord
Eagle RoofingBel Air 4502

Ponderosa & Slate

A Rustic twist on a traditional Flat Tile.

Ponderosa pays tribute to a split cedar roof but offers a more weathered and rustic look with the longevity and weather protection found with tile roofs.  A staggered bottom edge further increase the aged look of the roof. Ponderosa & Slate are complementary to many styles of architecture such as Prairie, Craftsman, and Bungalow.
Eagle Golden Eagle slate_range
Eagle Golden Eagle charcoal
Eagle Golden Eagle 1
Eagle Golden Eagle charcoal_range2
Eagle Golden Eagle 2
Eagle Belair chatham_blend-2
Eagle Bel Air Flat Tile
Eagle Bel Air Concrete 4602-concord_blen
Eagle Golden Eagle brown_gray_range2
Golden Eagle Brown Rustic
Golden Eagle Concrete Rustic

Are tiles safe to use in Canada?

WARRANTY: Our concrete tiles are backed by a no questions asked lifetime transferable warranty.  As long as your home stands the roof is protected.
DURABILITY: All concrete tiles are tested against the CSA 220 and ASTM 1492 for durability in our climate. Our tiles meet all known building codes.

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