A Classical High Barrel Profile.

Mediterranean Revival is a design style introduced in the United States in the waning nineteenth century variously incorporating references from Spanish Renaissance, Spanish Colonial, Beaux-Arts, Italian Renaissance, Arabic Andalusian architecture, and Venetian Gothic architecture. (Source Wikipedia.)
Designed to mimic the colors and shapes of the Mediterranean but engineered for our winters, our Spanish, Roman and two-piece Pan & Cover tiles are designed for the harshest climates.  A custom home in Vancouver, Toronto or Calgary isn't limited to just black slate.  Add a splash of color and warmth with our Mediterranean collection.
Pan & Cover Buff Blend
Pan & Cover Terra Cotta Blend
Pan & Cover Rustic Install
Pan & Cover Dark Red Blend
Roman Interlocking
Roman Interlocking
Pan & Cover Blend
Pan & Cover Rustic Surface
Pan & Cover Rustic Install
Mediterranean Pan & Cover
Pan & Cover Red Blend
Mediterranean Blend

English & French Country

A Classical High Barrel Profile.

French Country-style architecture, named for the grand and stately country homes that dot the French countryside of Provence, conveys a sense of timeless luxury without being ostentatious or overly stuffy.
English Country, Georgian and even Victorian are architectural styles which have aged wonderfully and have been exported to North America.  Traditions of steep pitched roofs, brick and stone exteriors sharply hipped roofs and dormers are just a few of the commonly found details.
English Shingle 12x7
English Shingle 10x6
French Country Blend
French Country Red
English Shingle
French Country Blend
English Shingle 12x7
French Country Garden
French Country Blend NJ
English Shingle Clay Tile
English Shingle Clay Tile
French Country
French Country Brooklyn
French Country Swept Roof

Modern & Contemporary

Exploring Vertical & Pitched Applications.

Modern architecture, or modernist architecture is based upon new and innovative technologies of construction, particularly the use of glass, steel, and reinforced concrete; the idea that form should follow function; an embrace of minimalism; and a rejection of ornament.

Tiles have never been just for sloped surfaces, but with the advent of modern double interlocking designs, they make a perfect exterior wall cladding. Interlocking tiles offer a new twist to an accent wall bringing color and warmth not found in metal or stone.

Modern Interlocking Clay Inspiration 5
Modern Interlocking Clay Tile 8
Modern Interlocking Clay Inspiration 4
Modern Interlocking Clay Tile 7
Modern Interlocking Clay Inspiration 2
Modern Interlocking Clay Tile 9
Modern Interlocking Clay Tile 6
Modern Interlocking Clay Inspiration 6
Modern Interlocking Clay Tile 5
modern Interlocking Clay inspiration 3
Modern Interlocking Vertical Install
15x7 Shingle Clay Tile
Modern Interlocking Flat Dark Gray
Modern Interlocking Flat 3
Modern Flat Interlocking 2
Modern Flat Interlocking
Modern Interlocking Flat Tile

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