SlateTec & Vermont Slate.

SlateTec Lightweight Slate Roof

The SlateTec lightweight slate roof system is an innovative approach to installing a genuine slate roof. The secret to the patented SlateTec design is that we employ a very rugged interlayment on the roof deck that allows a 40% reduction in slate tile overlap. Therefore, a SlateTec roof uses far less slate than in a traditional installation. Along with the reduction in roof weight, the system uses 35-40% less slate. The reduction of roof weight (less than six pounds per square foot) also lowers structural costs, contributing further to the system’s high value.

The SlateTec system features genuine Greenstone Slate® in all the colors and grades of Vermont slate.

Important SlateTec benefits:

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Vermont Slate.

Since the mid 1800’s, natural rock slate has been quarried in portions of Vermont and New York and continues today. Millions of years in the making, natural rock slate offered from the quarries in Vermont and New York is a vastly superior and durable roofing product with life expectancies exceeding 100 years and beyond.
With our commitment to offering nothing but the finest quality of roofing products in the United States, all slate offered is of S-1 quality (meaning 100 year lifespan or greater). The benefits of a natural rock slate roofing system from Vermont or New York assures any new or existing roofing system a firm guarantee of a fire proof and water resistant product that is permanent, resistant to climate change, and virtually impervious to fungi and mold. New slate provided by the quarries in Vermont and New York are a superior natural roofing product in which the Green Construction industry strives to achieve.
Natural rock slates are suitable for any climate within the United States, Canada, Europe, and beyond. The use of natural rock slate roofing systems includes but not limited to residences, schools and universities, commercial and government facilities.
All of our roofing slate provided by the quarries in Vermont and New York are backed up by our standard 100 year warranty which includes the replacement of any slates experiencing delaminating (extensive flaking) of the face of the slate as well as substantial deterioration (softening) of the body of the slate (please inquire about our sample warranty).

Our extensive color palette assures your natural roofing slate options as virtually endless in terms of range of tones, subtle weathering characteristics, and any desired pattern within your respective roofing project. Standard colors include: Semi-weathering Gray/ Green, Unfading Gray/ Green, Unfading Mottled Green & Purple, Royal Purple, Variegated Purple, Unfading Purple with Green, Gray/ Black, Strata Gray, Semi-weathering Clear
Gray, Semi-weathering Clear Black, Unfading Wells Gray and Unfading Red. In provided this full range of colors, we also provide a true, unfading black slate quarried in Spain via Vermont called Cupa Black slate.

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